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The essence of Juxta Nation relies on the Mayan native women from Los Altos de Chiapas, co-owners of this social enterprise built in partnership with NGOimpacto. It is a collaborative online sales platform that, through fair trade, offers handmade pieces and textiles with a contemporary design. Juxta Nation aims to unwrap the wonders of the cultural heritage, creations, and ancestral knowledge of the craftswomen, a gift to the world. Thanks to their textile work, the craftswomen co-owners of Juxta Nation, will reinforce their identity and transmit their wisdom of the good living (lekil kuxlejal in Mayan cosmovision). As they share their dreams and experiences to build a safe space for their continuous professional and personal development.

We encourage an ongoing dialogue between people from various backgrounds and cultures, ultimately shaping a diverse and talented collective.


Juxta gives place to a Nation with an origin but no boundaries, with a tradition expressed in creativity and innovation, with an essence that embraces equality and cultural diversity. A nation built through unity, diversity, respect, and harmony, contributing to the social and economic justice of everyone’s good living.

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To offer handmade ethical textile products created by combining ancestral techniques with a contemporary design. Promoting in unity and respect the wellbeing of all people involved in this new transformed community, the Juxta Nation.


To fully experience and live a personal and a collective harmony of life, the Good Living of the JUXTA NATION peoples.

“Good Living, the Lekil Kuxlejal in Mayan cosmovision”


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