Ethical ticket


Social commitment is at the core of Juxta Nation, which is why transparency is fundamental within our processes. We constantly work to keep track of each handmade piece created from the heart of the artisan partners who are, as well, weavers of the Juxta collection. Our ethical ticket contains detailed information of who made each piece (name of the artisan partner) and where (community of origin and cooperative). This way, it is shown respectfully the treasured origin of the garments you are acquiring and the history behind them.

Every time you buy a piece from Juxta or Juxta by, you will receive your ethical ticket with the information mentioned above.

The approachment between consumers with the artisans creators is essential. Therefore, Juxta and Juxta by bet on unique handmade masterpieces, allowing everyone who wears them to have a link with the essence of the artisan who created it. Each Juxta and Juxta by garment is woven by high-skilled women mastering their craft techniques, whose knowledge has been passed down generation after generation. The clothing you find in Juxta Nation results from a creative process in collaboration with a diversity of talented people.


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