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Juxta Nation ventures for a unique model integrated by four craftswomen cooperatives from Los Altos de Chiapas, co-owners of this social enterprise. The initiative started back in 2016, previously called iRetail by NGOimpacto, which aims to reinforce the autonomy and empowerment of craftswomen as individuals and as a collective. To achieve this, the continuous share of knowledge through inclusive participation and collaboration is paramount for craftswomen to self-manage this social enterprise. Giving place to ethical channels for commercializinghandmade pieces and textiles with a contemporary design, created using ancestral techniques.

The innovation of the project lies in:

a) The social structure. The main shareholders are the four craftswomen cooperatives. Furthermore, Juxta Nation is thought to create job opportunities for newly graduated young indigenous artisans by developing action plans to make this happen.

b) Design innovation through contemporary design and ancestral techniques to create fashion pieces traded under direct ethical channels.

c) Trust generated through a traceable and transparent system built in partnership with NGOimpacto. This scheme allows a constant improvement of the processes and, ultimately, offers value to those interested in a fair trade initiative.

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Who is NGOimpacto?

NGOimpacto was founded in 2012 in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas. It has had an impact on the economy and local development of communities in this state (since 2013) and in Puebla (since 2019). The organization is integrated by a multidisciplinary team that works under a horizontal structure to bring together ancestral wisdom and contemporary perspectives. Its work comes from understanding the social, cultural, economic, and political context of these communities. It then develops action plans focusing on innovation and social entrepreneurship with a philanthropic foundation, whose objective is to strengthen technical skills and human development.

What are the next steps for Juxta Nation?

Improving through perseverance will allow Juxta Nation to keep building its path in collaboration with everyone involved in this social enterprise. Likewise, strategies will be implemented to create new fair trade opportunities and for more cooperatives to be part of this Nation. Currently, this platform is co-owned by four craftswomen cooperatives, whose relationships have been enriched thanks to their long trajectory with NGOimpacto. Therefore, Juxta Nation will continue working in hand with NGOimpacto to create new facilitations and workshops, both for the associated and future cooperatives. As well as working on stretching future alliances with other organizations.


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