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This Integral Privacy Notice (the "Privacy Notice") is made available in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (the "Law"), Regulations thereof (the "Regulations"), and the Privacy Notice Guidelines (the "Guidelines"). It governs the Processing of Personal Data carried out in connection with the services provided to you indistinctly “You” or the “Data Subject”) through the Website (the "Website") 

Please read this Privacy Notice carefully, as it contains relevant information about the Processing (the "Processing," as such term is defined in the Law and its Regulations) that the Data Controller will make of your Personal Data obtained for the purposes described herein. 

  1. OUR IDENTITY AND ADDRESS: Proyecto Impacto Consultores A.C. with address at Tonalá Num. Ext. 7, Barrio el Cerrillo San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, 29220, México, is the Data Controller (the "Data Controller") for the Processing of your Personal Data, as stated in this Privacy Notice. 

  1. PERSONAL DATA WE WILL COLLECT: The Personal Data that will be subjected to Processing in accordance with this Privacy Notice will be comprised in the categories indicated below: 

  1. Identification data; 
  2. Contact data;
  3. Location data;
  4. Authentication data; and
  5. Heritage data. 

  1. PURPOSES OF THE PROCESSING WE WILL MAKE OF YOUR DATA: The personal data you provide to us will be Processed for the following purposes, which are necessary for the existence, maintenance, and fulfillment of the relationship derived from your access to the Website: (i) to identify you and communicate with You; (ii) to provide you with e-commerce services for the purchase of products through the Website, and to comply with the obligations inherent to consumer protection; (iii) to follow up on your satisfaction as a purchaser of products and services through the Website; (iv) comply with the obligations arising from the Processing of your Personal Data, which includes the process of responding to requests for the exercise of your "ARCO Rights" (as the term is defined in numeral 6 below) and, where appropriate, (v) follow up on purchases you have made and your satisfaction as a consumer. 

In addition, we may process your personal data for the following secondary purposes: (a) to allow us to analyse your personal preferences and personalise our services to you on the basis that the Processing is in our legitimate interests to optimize our Website for your benefit; (b) to store your data to pre-populate fields to make it easier for you to provide information when you return to our Website, on the basis that so doing is in your legitimate interests to optimize your user experience therein, and (c) to manage your requests for customer service. 

  1. REFUSAL OBJECTION TO THE PROCESSING OF YOUR DATA AND LIMITATION THEREOF: you may refuse object to the Processing of your Personal Data by abstaining from providinge thosem by refraining from giving those data concerning  relative to which you have any objection; however, you assume the consequences of the impediment that this means to carry out those purposes for which it was required. Additionally, you may revoke your consent for us to process your personal data by exercising your right of Opposition and the Right of Cancellation in the terms outlined in Section numeral 6 of this Privacy Notice. 

  1. TRANSFER OF YOUR DATA: For the purpose of [•], the ResponsibleData Controller may transfer your data to domestic or foreign third parties, national or foreign, operating in the [•] ecosystem/environment: (i) in the case of companies within the same corporate group of the ResponsibleData Controller; (ii) when the transfer is necessary by pursuant to a contract entered into, or to be entered into, in your interest by the ResponsibleData Controller and a third party; (iii) when the transfer is necessary for the maintenance or fulfillment of the existing legal relationship between the ResponsibleData Controller and the Holderyou, or (iv) in case of a requestirement fromf any authority, within the strict compliance of the applicable legal ordinances. 

Once a transfer has been made, the receiving ResponsibleData Controller shall make its own Privacy Notice available to Yyou. At this time, the Processing carried out by such recipient of Yyour Personal Data shall be subject to the terms outlined in such Privacy Notice. 

The payment for the acquisition purchase of goods and services through the Website is managed through one or more payment gateways, which are exclusively ResponsibleData Controller for the Processing of the Personal Data of the payment method used for your subscription. The Holder Data Subject authorizes the amount of information transfer of the payment made for his purchase and his user identifier with such payment gateway(s) to verify the payment and follow up on the obligations that may result from the same, such as exchanges, refunds, and/or chargebacks.

  1. MEANS TO EXERCISE THE RIGHTS OF ACCESS, RECTIFICATION, CANCELLATION, AND OPPOSITION (hereinafter "ARCO Rights"): At any time, you may have access to your Personal Data; you may Modify them if they are no longer accurate, complete, pertinent, correct or are outdated; Cancel them, if you consider that they are no longer necessary for the achievement of the purposes provided in this Privacy Notice, or Oppose the Processing of your personal data for specific purposes that are not necessary for your legal relationship with the ResponsibleData Controller Party.

To exercise the ARCO Rights, you must send to us your respective request by via e-mail to our Data Protection Officer's attention to

The request to exercise the ARCO Rights must be made using the form available through this medium herein and content include and be accompanied by the following: (i) be promptly duly identified as  an “ARCO Request” or as “Revocation of Consent,”, in the latter case for the purposes in Section numeral 4 of this instrument; (ii) duly state the Holder’s full name of the Data Subject and the means to notify her of the response to her request; (iii) copy of official documentation that validates your identity, by identified by the your handwritten signature, which must be identical to the documentation’s signature and, if the request were filed through a proxy, documentation to accredit the capacity of the latterthe subscribed identity, even if a representative signed it; (iv) the clear and precise description of the Data requested to exercise any of the rights above; and (v) any other element or document that facilitates the location of the Data location.

Requests for rectification must be accompanied by the supporting documents that justify itstheir origin appropriateness and that they are relevant for their Processing,. Ffor this which purpose, it is necessary that you indicate precisely what the modification to be made is.

Once your request has been received, you will receive a return receipt with the corresponding folio and date of receipt. If within five working days of receipt the application request does not comply with the requirements within five working days of receipt, you will be required to correct your application request within the following ten days; otherwise, the application request will be deemed not to have been filed. If you sent your request on a Friday or a non-business day, we would consider it as received the following business day after the one on which you sent it. After that, we will have up to 20 business days to analyze it and send to you the corresponding response to implement, for which implementation, if applicable, we will have up to 15 business days. The means through which we will send you our response will beWe will send you our response to  the one indicated by you between e-mail or postal mail, exclusively.

Suppose If the case were that your request complieds with the Law and other regulations in force,. In that case, you will be granted access, your data will be Correct Rectified or Cancelled, after prior blocking them as appliable, your right of Opposition will be enforced, or your consent for the Processing of your Personal Data will be revoked, within fifteen (15) days following the date on which your request is answered. This term may be extended for an additional fifteen (15) business days when justified; likewise, we will promptly notify this situation.

In all cases in which your request weref your request is appropriate, the response will be free of charge as long as it is carried out through the e-mail address you provide for such purposes. Suppose you require the information to be delivered differently. In that case, you will only have to cover the administrative costs of recovery quoted for the cost of preparing the materials for your response in copies or other formats that are generated, and of shipping by the modality you have requested. To download the Arco request form click here. 

  1. LIMITATION OF THE PROCESSING OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA. The limitation of the Processing of personal data only proceeds for legitimate reasons, to avoid damages, or for purposes indicated as secondary in this Privacy Notice. Such restriction may be requested in writing through the means shown above, complying with the identification requirements for the exercise of ARCO Rights and indicating the originating causes of origin that you consider or the purposes to which it is applicable. The request will be evaluated, and if approved, you will be included in an exclusion list of the ResponsibleData Controller.

  1. REMOTE MEANS (USE OF COOKIES AND OTHER TECHNOLOGIES). We inform you that we use temporary files called "Cookies" and other technologies on our Website to monitor your behavior as a user and provide you with a better browsing experience on it. The Personal Data we obtain from these technologies is the Unique User Identifier. We use thisese data to distinguish users, verify your available information and limit the number of requests you can make. We also use certain types of cookies to display personalized advertising on the Website.

Notwithstanding the preceding, you can configure your Internet browser to be notified of the receipt of cookies and prevent their installation on your computer or device. Disabling and limiting the use of cookies in your browser may affect the proper functioning of the Website or some of its sections, and prevent you from using them, which the Holder accepts. 

Please refer to your browser's specific instructions for more information.

  1. MODIFICATIONS TO THE PRIVACY NOTICE. The Data Controller may modify this Privacy Notice Aat any time and at its sole discretion, the Responsible Party may modify this Privacy Notice either due to amendments or modifications to the applicable legal regulations, a request by the competent authorities and/or per the requirements of the services we provide. In case of doing so, we will provide the most updated version through the Website We advise you to check periodically to see if changes have been made to this Privacy Notice.

  1. CONSENT: We It is understood assume that you tacitly accept the terms of this Privacy Notice from the moment you access the Website and until you express your refusal to the Processing of under these terms, subsequently exercise your right of Opposition or the power to limit this Processing. We may transfer your personal data as provided for in Section numeral 5 of this Privacy Notice until you exercise your right of Opposition in this regard or limit the purpose of the Processing of your data, provided that it is not required for the purposes of this document.